One Room Challenge Art Sneak Peek

I'm too busy trying to wrap things up on this project to say much. Very briefly, I'll just say that I absolutely love the painting I've had over my mantle, and so has one of my very good friends.  Since it was hung, she's basically harassed me about how perfect it would be in her living room, and has continued to demand ask to purchase it every few months or so.  I have bright red lacquered breakfast room chairs in the room just beyond, and I have little bits of a similar red here and there.  I kept wanting to see just a little pop of that red over the mantel, but the shade was missing from the painting.  You see where this is going, right? Now, my friend has the painting, and is very happy to be enjoying it full time. As for me, I'll still get to enjoy it when I visit over there, and I now have a brand new GORGEOUS painting with little pops of the exact red I was looking for.  

Here is just a small sneak peek of the Reagan Geschardt painting that arrived yesterday.  I can't wait to share the entire glorious peice with you next week!

Now, head over to Calling It Home to either bask in the loveliness of interior design projects being managed by inhuman overachievers or commiserate with the rest of us who have hit a snag or just procrastinated and will attempt to pull off a miracle over the weekend : )

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