31 Days of Pink


Hi, I'm so glad you're stopping by my 31 Days.  I'm participating in The Nester's challenge to post about the same subject for an entire month.  That will actually be easy for me as I've chosen to feature the color PINK!  I'll be sharing pink in interiors, tabletop, gardening, accessories, art and fashion.  Talented guests will be here frequently helping me share the pink love.  I hope you'll be here with us every day!
1.    Blue & White Monday + Pink
6.    Kitchen Envy

Orange and Navy


My customers are brilliant.  They come up with the best combinations of colors.  I hadn't thought of putting these together, but I loved the orange with the navy.  So much so that I had to snap a photo before they went into the package for shipping.  What do you think?  I hope you're having a fantastic weekend.  It's raining here in Dallas which is great!  


Pink and Blue for Friday


I saw this on Thistlewood and fell in love.  Aren't the colors just incredible?

Heather, over at Vivid Hue Home, is having a Waylande Gregory giveaway that you shouldn't miss.

And the rug I posted about yesterday that Linda resized for me came in the mail, so guess what I'll be doing this weekend?  Painting a rug.  Wish me luck and have a great weekend!


Paint A Rug Party Week Two


Welcome to Week Two of Paint a Rug Party.  If you weren't here last week you should know that Linda, of My Crafty Home Life, organized some party goers for this rug painting partaaay.  Below are several photos showing my daughter's area upstairs.  The hallway that is screaming out for some floor decor is where the painted rug will go. 

Yes, here.  And below is the rug I'll be painting.  I mentioned Linda, the hostess/organizer of this shindig before.  She has saved the day for me here by custom sizing an IKEA rug.  I absolutely had to have white.  My daughter already has an IKEA white rug in her "hang out" room and I had wanted a runner just like it.  You know what they say about assuming.  I had assumed IKEA sold this in a runner and they do not.  You just cannot know how much I appreciate this!  I should receive the rug tomorrow.  Linda did a post showing how how she did it.  It's a fantastic tutorial that you can see here.

House Beautiful

My daughter would adore something like this.  With the painted horizontal stripes on the walls in her bedroom, stripes are out.  And she has chevron fabric, too.  So, enough hard lines.  Tie dye, or dip dye would work and look great with what's there already.  

But this looks more likely.  

Martha Stewart

Something like this looks sort of doable, too.  Please come back next week to see what happens!  And go see what the other guests have in the works!


Fall Decor


I have strong opinions regarding holiday decor.  I either really like something or I really do not.  And with fall comes the arrival of some of the holiday decor I prefer the least.  Back to that in a minute.  For now, I'll show you what I like.  Basically, anything that looks natural and uncontrived is appealing to me for exterior fall decorations.

For inside, I like the idea of using a pumpkin as a vase.

Or a drink container.

This is my favorite.  Such gorgeous colors.

So now to what I don't love.  Inflatables.  And they will be all over Dallas.  Inflatable football team mascots are here and there already.  Soon there will be spiders, pumpkins and ghosts.  Then, we'll have turkeys.  I may be offending some here, but I just don't care for inflatables.  Do you have inflatables where you live?  What do you think?


Inspiration Boards by Chinoiserie Chic


Have you seen that Beth of Chinoiserie Chic has started doing inspiration boards?  She says she's a novice, but it doesn't look like it!  I'm loving all of these.  Do you have a favorite?

She has two new and gorgeous boards featured today on her blog that you shouldn't miss.  See them here.


Blue and White Monday


Brunschwig & Fils

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Today I'm sharing some of the most pinned images from my Blue and White Pinterest board.  

Cathy Kincaid

Jim Thompson Fabrics

Lee Ann Thornton

Hurley and Company

Kirsten Kelli


This was the kind of weekend I'll need a couple of days from which to recover.  It was all about hosting teenage parties and chaperoning events.  It was lots of fun and quite educational, but I need some recovery time!  What do you think about these photos?  It's interesting to me to see which images are most pinned.  Sometimes I'm in complete agreement, other times I may love something that others aren't  noticing as much.  I do adore all of the above!


Ginger Jar Winner


I said I would post the winner Saturday, and I'm just barely making that happen.  We've been hosting a group of ninth graders today, so I'm just now getting back to business.  When Random.org gave this result, I had to laugh.  A true and longtime blue and white fan will receive the ginger jar.  More on this next week.  Thank you so much to everyone who participated.  I'll be doing it again!  I hope you're having a great weekend!


Kitchen Love


I ran across this yesterday and fell in love.  It's by Ferguson and Shamamian Architects LLP.  Both men worked at Parish-Hadley, and it shows.  How I would adore a fireplace in the kitchen/breakfast room.  What do you think?  

Have a great weekend!


Paint A Rug Party


Before I explain, I will give you a partial tour of my daughter's area in our house.  A complete tour is not possible as she is a 14 year old who is not interested in keeping things camera ready.  The photo above is her bedroom.  It's not completely finished, but we're almost there.

This is in her "hang out room."

From the door of her bedroom,

and looking toward her bedroom from the hall.

This is the guest bathroom that is accessed from the hall.

This is the one part of my daughter's bathroom that I can photograph.  The vanity/sink room has become a bit cluttered with nail polish and hair accessories rendering it unworthy of your viewing.

So, now to the fun rug party part.  Of course, Linda, of My Crafty Home Life is involved.  She's gotten together some blogging friends who want to paint a rug.  This will be very interesting as I do not usually DIY.  I'm going to give it a try and just have fun with it.  If it's not perfect, it's for a 14 year old who doesn't notice details anyway!  

I have two possible rug choices for painting.  There's a rug in the hang out room that can be painted, but I really want to do one in the hallway between that room and the bedroom.  I've looked and looked for a white flat weave rug like the IKEA rug in the hang out room and can't find it in a runner size.  Any ideas of where I can find that?  If it can't be located in a couple of days, I will paint the existing rug.  I hope you'll come back next Thursday to see more.  By then I'll know which rug I'll paint and how I'll paint it.  I'll share the plan next week.  Be sure to visit all the rug painting party guests!


New Coffee Table?


I found this on Etsy yesterday.  I've mentioned before that I'd like to add some items to my house to make it more eclectic.  Especially in the living and dining rooms.  Both rooms need some updating as  everything is mahogany or walnut and a bit of a snooze.  What I have now in the living room is an English mahogany tea table.  This table from Etsy is more what I have in mind.

What do you think about this table?   Below is a photo of our dog, Sugar, in the living room.  I still love the very traditional rug.  It's prettier in person and has gorgeous colors.  I think I'd love this table or something similar with it.  Can you see these two pieces coexisting?


A Chinoiserie Bridesmaid Luncheon


A Pink Pagoda customer was so smart and creative to think of using my Pink Willow notecards as invitations for a bridesmaid luncheon she was hosting.  She has lots of beautiful Chinoiserie in her home and wanted to incorporate Chinoiserie in the decor of the party.  I'm absolutely thrilled that she shared photos of the luncheon with me.  I had been excited to get to have my cards used this way and was so glad to get to see images from the gorgeous party!

Isn't her house beautiful?  I'm so appreciative to have had the opportunity to be a part of this lovely event!



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