Blue and White Monday

A very big THANK YOU to the One Room Challenge participants who used blue and white from my shop.  I'm grateful and absolutely thrilled to have these beautiful images to share. They're going to be featured on the "Displayed" page of my site just as soon as I can get them there.  I'll also add them to product images. These photos are very helpful as customers try to imagine these pieces in their own homes.

all three above from Calling It Home

the four above from Design Manifest

these last three from me with photography from Mimosa Lane

In case you missed the reveals of any of the rooms mentioned above, the link below each photo will take you to the specific post where you can see each gorgeously finished room and read about the befores and afters.

For the first several weeks of Linda's One Room Challenge, she thought she had the perfect piece of art to hang over her credenza. After placing it there, she realized it wouldn't work at all, and asked me if I had any ideas. I immediately imagined these, created them, and shipped them to her. After she posted photos of her room, I started having requests.  If you're interested, here they are.  

Lastly, I hope you were able to enjoy the last Blue and White Bash.  The next one is December 2nd, so please save the date.  I'd love for you to join me here!

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