Spring 2014 One Room Challenge Week Two

Welcome to Week Two of my One Room Challenge!  If you missed Week One, see it here.  I'm working in my 16 year old daughter's "hang-out room," and as you can see, I'm working with lots of fun, happy color.  Albertina, from Mimosa Lane, is responsible for all of the gorgeous pillows I'll be using.

Albertina has created an amazing line of pillows that she sells here and here. I'll be using two of these pink pagoda pillows on the sofa.  

We had lunch recently (both live in Dallas), and I mentioned thinking that Otomi fabric (for a lumbar pillow) would be fun combined with her pillows and work well in the room.  I didn't know where to find it, but Albertina had the perfect solution which is a One Room Challenge first, I believe.  Her parents were in Monterrey, Mexico, where Albertina knew there was a fantastic source for Otomi fabric.  She asked her mother to go pick some up for me which both she and her mother were so very lovely to do! After a bit of international texting, this INCREDIBLE fabric is what Albertina's mother chose.  I picked it up last week at Albertina's, and I'm quite appreciative and excited. It's a long piece, and I have several photos so that you can see all of the amazing design.

Isn't it just wonderful?  BIG, GIANT thank you to Albertina and her mother!  If you're interested in Otomi fabric, here's an interesting article about the collaboration between Hermes and the Otomi Indians of Mexico.  

I had the afghan below made for my daughter's bedroom for the last ORC, and absolutely loved what it added to the room.

So, I commissioned this Etsy seller to make the afghan below, for the "hang-out room."  I love the way an afghan adds texture and a vintage vibe.  This one works perfectly with the pink pagoda pillow and the Otomi fabric.  These colors are going to be so fun against all of the white.

This is my daughter's footlocker/trunk from years and years of summer camp. I'm trying to decide if it should stay or go.  I love the color, and it has sentimental value.  It also provides great storage.  Can you tell which way I'm leaning?

I forgot to show you this blank wall last week.  It's just to the right of what's below (which will all change).

I decided what I'll put on that big blank wall, and I cannot wait to show it to you.  It will be quite a showstopper!

A big thank you to Linda, for dreaming up The One Room Challenge, and letting me participate.  How great to have such a fun reason to redesign a room : )

Please go see what these amazing ladies have to share with you.

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