One Room Challenge Week Four

Welcome to Week Four of the One Room Challenge.  If you missed Week One, go here, Week Two is here, and Week Three is here.  Linda, of Calling It Home, created and organized the ORC, and I'm happy to be participating.  The twenty bloggers seen above are redoing one room each in six weeks and posting progress every Wednesday.  The photo below is my daughter's bedroom room, and it's what she and I are working on transforming. 

The goal is to put more color, warmth and life into this room.  The words my daughter uses to describe the look she's going for are boho-ish, vintage-ish, undecorated (she means not matchy) and preppy. Hopefully, we'll achieve something that's similar to what she's imagining.  

So, the most exciting thing first. We commissioned a painting from my friend and incredibly talented artist, Kerry Steele.  Kerry talked on the phone with my daughter and asked her to choose a painting for the inspiration. She chose the above which is called "Verdant Leap."  When my daughter saw it on Kerry's site she said, "That one is so legit." Oh, did I mention my daughter's fifteen? 

Kerry has just finished the painting and sent me a photo which I photoshopped into the frame we're using.  The frame's propped up on the top of the headboard, so you can see that the size is perfect for the space.  Kerry named it "Legit," and we both absolutely LOVE it.  She'll ship it as soon as it's dry, and we cannot wait to see it in person.  I just couldn't have imagined anything better, and what an amazing experience for my daughter!  She'll keep and enjoy this painting all of her life.

The next three photos are self explanatory.

Desk chair and accessories coming soon.

Here's one of the update photos I received from Chuckie, who's making the afghan for the foot of the bed.  It's what we're using to help with the "vintage-ish" aspect of the room, and we're both excited about how it's coming along.

Here's sort of kind of what the bedding will look like.  Imagine what "Legit" will look like over the bed?!  So, so, so good.  We've got a long way to go, and a short time to get there.  Please come back next week to see what's happening!

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