One Room Challenge Week Five

Welcome to Week Five of my ORC.  The One Room Challenge is Linda's creation where a group of bloggers design a room in 6 weeks.  You're visiting at the point in the challenge where I'm in full panic mode.  Click on the links below to catch up if you're new.

This is my fifteen-year-old daughter's room before we got started.

Same nightstand, but playing with a little styling now.

We're still working on the gallery wall.  Here it is last week.

And here it is this week.  I'm waiting on a couple of things to arrive in the mail for these empty frames.

I made eight of the prints.  The other prints and paintings are below.

Lots of Irish heritage : )

Big HP fan.

Waiting for Kerry's painting on paper.  These colors will be great in the room.

I emailed this photo of Sugar

to September Studio, and she created this.  My daughter thought she was too cool for a portrait of her dog until she saw it.  

Deer is the animal du jour around here.  She loves this print,

and these from Delightfully Modern, which we'll probably use on the dresser.

And, here's the desk chair.  It's from IKEA, and we had a slipcover made. 

I still have lots of ground to cover before the room is photographed.  And I'm very, very excited about the photography. I have a friend you may know who's coming to take the pictures. Please come back next week to see everything finished (HOPEFULLY)!

Be sure to see what these ladies have accomplished this week:

Calling it Home 


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