Spring 2014 One Room Challenge Week Four

Welcome to Week Four of The One Room Challenge.  YIKES. Week Four.  I've got LOTS to do still.  If you missed One, Two or Three, please feel free to catch up.  I'm doing my 16 year old daughter's "hangout" room.  Well, we're sort of doing it together. Only, I'm doing the work, while she helps make decisions. First, I'll share what's going on with the little wall with the trunk.  That mirror is going, and the two paintings below by Jennifer Andrews Anderson will hang on the wall.

I've mentioned that this trunk has accompanied my daughter to camp many summers, and it has sentimental value.  Plus, we like the pink.

What I haven't shared until now, is the top.  It has to change.  This trunk was first used the summer after 4th grade.  You Texas moms won't be surprised. Lots of Texas girls go to camp in Hunt, Texas, and their trunks are personalized and quite decorative.  This was all the rage amongst the 4th graders years ago, but now Virginia (my daughter) is over it.  I've thought of an interesting and very easy way to make this change.  Hopefully, I'll have it done and ready to show you next week.

We needed an extra chair for this space.

I found this one, made by Ficks Reed, at a local consignment store.

It had a cute little ottoman that came with it.  I've already chosen the fabric for the cushions and am taking it to the seamstress today. I hope she can get these done for me quickly!

This new floor lamp is from one of the One Room Challenge sponsors, Lamps Plus.  It will go on the other side of the sofa.  A reading lamp is such a nice addition to this room and one that my daughter will use on a daily basis.  I was very happy with the quality, and appreciate Lamps Plus so much for sending it.

Be sure to visit these talented ladies who, I hope, are further along with their rooms than I!

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