Spring 2014 One Room Challenge Finale

Welcome to the final week of the Spring 2014 One Room Challenge!  A huge thank you to Linda for including me in the ORC.  Because of her, I have another room finished, and my daughter and I are very happy about that. My husband has mixed feelings as he had to do lots of the heavy lifting this time.

Our sixteen year old daughter and I collaborated on her "hangout" room.  If this is your first visit here, you can catch up easily. Here's Week One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.  

I hung a few things in the hall which is between her bedroom (the last ORC) and the sitting room.  The photo below shows what you see when you come up the stairs and are about to enter her part of the house.  

This 36" tall tulip by Sarah Hollander makes us happy.

We love the maidenhair fern close-ups also by Sarah Hollander.

So, now, if you're standing in the hall, my daughter's room is to your right.

And, her "hangout room" is to your left.

Here's the "before" window wall.

And, the "after" window wall.

"before" TV wall

Thank you to my husband for putting the cords through the wall. Apparently it's ridiculous to hire someone to do such an easy job when you can easily do it yourself in 30 minutes.  Even if it takes several years to get around to it. Thank you again, Linda ; )

"after" TV wall

To organize the TV console,  I purchased these and these

"before" corner

"after" corner

Love the paintings by Jenny Andrews Anderson

I mentioned the of questionable taste and dated top of this trunk which my daughter used for years of summer camp here.  What I used to cover it is auto vinyl. The idea came out of nowhere, and it worked perfectly.  More on that in a future post.  

"before" window seat wall

"after" window seat wall

We're still so happy about this Otomi fabric that Albertina and her mother found.

"before" mirror wall

"after" mirror wall

Another husband thank you.  He put molding around the mirrors, and it looks much nicer than the clips.  You can see the brass pharmacy lamp from Lamps Plus in the corner.  I shared about that here.

This image shows one of the very most important elements in the room.  I'm talking about the GORGEOUS painting, of course.  It's by Marquin Campbell.

Here's an unobstructed view.  Marquin is so talented. Could this possibly be more perfect for the room? She used a photo of the fabrics as her color and style guide.  I'd say she nailed it.

This Ficks Reed chair I found at a local consignment store was quite a score. It was looking a little tired, but my husband sanded and sealed it.  The garden seat is from TPP.

We adore the pillows.  I've already mentioned the Otomi fabric. The fantastic pink pillows are designed by Albertina, from Mimosa Lane, and are available here.

Mimosa Lane pillow and custom afghan from this Etsy seller

Last week, I mentioned shopping for a coffee table and asked you to guess which one I chose.  So many of you somehow knew I would purchase this table from CB2.  The room is small, so this is just what was needed.  

The throw/blanket under the table is from Serena and Lily.

The lamp is from TPP.

So, there you have it.  Another room finished thanks to The One Room Challenge.  That is very happy and exciting, but what I'm most looking forward to is seeing what the following incredibly talented bloggers have in store for our viewing pleasure : )

Thank you so very much for visiting, commenting, and being a part of my room transformation!

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